Saturday, February 9, 2013

Do or do not...there is no try.

And so with those wise words from Yoda, I am doing. A dream that became waking thought and is now pen to paper, so to speak.


Musings on Dressing, and Civil Rights in America will be the focus. The only 2 things these topics have in common is me. I am a civil rights advocate that also loves dressing people to look their best. At various times in my life one of these things has been more prevalent, like when I owned a dress shop in Bristol, RI, or when I worked at DOJ in the CRD.

But that was then, this is now. I've realized that although I'm not working specifically in either capacity at the moment, I still have something to say, to share, and my only outlet has been limited to 140 characters.

I saw this a few days ago...

And it just clicked. Ok, Ben. I'm done reading for a bit, it's going to be about writing now. A little bit every day to start. Worth it? Sure, I think anything that gets the thoughts out and onto paper is by definition worthy.


  1. Ms. Chatelaine, I look forward to reviewing your musings, as you usher us into a kinder, gentler, more haberdashed America :)

    1. haha, thank you, dearest. have psyched myself out that no one will comment for months, so yay. ;)

  2. Smiling after reading this! I will be following.