Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Girl, Interrupted.

A month ago, the finish line at the Boston Marathon was bombed. It's a place I know well, having done the same thing as a child that many did that day...went to the morning Sox game, then walked over to the finish line. Such a rockin' spot, I loved it, the energy! I remember it just being a happy and fun yearly event, and it was all good...and it still is a great memory. But still. I wasn't there, and my friends that ran it where not near it, so it's not a personal connection to the events in the way it is for those who were physically there, but it affected me, as it did many others just like me who have the same stories of growing up there and doing the same thing...and today someone posts on twitter that tomorrow is the month anniversary, and it feels like it was much longer ago...

I have not posted since Boston happened. I would have if the Supreme Court had issued a ruling on the voting cases, definitely, but I guess I just took a moment, a month off... I'm coming back now.

A few of the cooler things that were posted in the days following that day...

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