Monday, September 23, 2013

Suddenly Autumn

And so here we are, the Autumnal Equinox is upon us, and the weather is agreeing it's so.

I'm not sure when I fell in love with Fall, I used to hate it. The shorter days, those first cold winds that go right through you, lots of gray skies, depressing, right? Maybe it's climate change and I don't think winters are so dreary, maybe it's because Fall is just so beautiful in DC. If I were a tourist, I would come visit here NOW. These days into October remind me of what winters in Santa Barbara, CA where I went to college. Except it just stayed like that into Spring, without those harsh January/February days where everyone on the East Coast bails for warmer destinations. Remember that Bangles song - "Hazy Shade of Winter" - it was played at the beginning of the film, "Less than Zero" It takes place in LA over winter break. I was living there when it came out and the imagery of that song and those California winters are still my favorite. Those days, cold and night and in the morning, but clear days where you could stay in the sun and cling to that endless summer, or be in the shade and acknowledge the season in a sweater and boots. Alas, ultimately, DC could get another snowpocolypse and SB will not.

So with that in mind, the switching out of the wardrobe from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter commences. I did mine yesterday, with the Skins on tv, the first squash-apple soup of the season on the stove, deep breathing throughout. As I live in a really tiny apartment - not complaining, love it - the closet space is, well, limited. So you take a former dress shop owner with over 100 dresses, and all the other clothing that takes up space, jackets especially, well, you can see why I've now added, have become an expert on small space wardrobing. I laugh now to think of my now sold condo in Rhode Island and its expansive closets, and additional storage space. I have about 1/4 of the space I once had, which means I have consigned, donated to charity, or given to friends more than 1/2 of my wardrobe, while my remaining exists in the closet, 2 dress bags under the bed, and a large plastic tote, that's it. And I love it. It's incredibly freeing to only own what you love, what you know looks great on you. There's simply no room for anything that doesn't.

dreamy closets...

closer to reality in a DC apartment...

So my closet is done, what about yours? Need help? I love doing closets, and now that mine is done, I can draw my attention to yours. 3 hours max, it usually takes closer to 2. Basically, we go through your wardrobe, keep what's great, donate/consign what doesn't, and make a list to get to update and go with what's staying. And of course you get my impeccable style advice. Don't worry, I'm not expensive, and I don't want to change your style, I just love to see it elevated, refined. It's fun, I promise. 

In the meantime, so looking forward to seeing the DC street style in the next few weeks. I'm still seeing some flip flops, which truly does kill me a little bit, but alas, I remain optimistic that the ladies will step it up. It's the gentlemen in DC I'm noticing are already looking sharp and in their Fall attire - less khaki, more dress pants, great jackets, and gasp, suits. Thank you, gentlemen. And Happy Fall! 

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